Sigmar Polke (German, b. February 13, 1941)


Woman at the Mirror, 1966
Acrylic on fabric, 125 x 80 cm
Private collection, London

 Untitled, 1975
Gelatin-silver print, 41 x 50 in.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

 Alice in Wonderland, 1971
Mixed media on patterned fabric, 300 x 290 cm.

Courtesy of The National Museum of Art, Osaka 

Treehouse, 1976
Private Collection, Hamburg © the artist
Mixed painting techniques on paper
205 x 298 cm

Paganini, 1982
Dispersion on canvas; 6 ft 6 3/4 in x 14 ft 9 in
Saatchi Collection, London.

 Lingua Tertii Imperii, 1983
Mixed media and lacquer on canvas
102 3/8 x 78 3/4 in. (260 x 200 cm)
Froehlich Collection, Stuttgart

 The Spirits That Lend Strength Are Invisible III (Nickel/Neusilber), 1988;  
Painting; nickel and artificial resin on canvas, 400 cm x 300 cm 
Collection SFMOMA

Ginkgo, 1989
Gold, graphite, natural pigments, and synthetic resin on woven polyester
261.6 x 406.4 x 14.9 cm
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Hope is: Wanting to Pull Clouds, 1992
Polyester resin and acrylic on canvas, 300 x 500.4 cm
National Gallery of Art, Washington 

 Ape Swing, 1995
Offset lithograph on paper
Walker Art Center

I Live in My Own World, but It's OK, They Know Me Here, 2002
Courtesy Michael Werner, New York and Cologne 

 Untitled, 2001-2006
Artificial resin on polyester fiber, 136.7 x 116.8 cm

Source: Artnet  
© Sigmar Polke


Selbstbildnis, 1971 
Offsetlithograph, printed in black, on chromo board 21 x 23 cm

Sigmar Polke is a German painter and photographer born in Oelsnitz,  in Lower Silesia. He fled with his family to Thuringia in 1945 during the Expulsion of Germans after World War II. His family escaped from the Communist regime in East Germany in 1953, traveling first to West Berlin and then to Düsseldorf.
He came to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s, alongside Gerhard Richter, with witty works similar in style to the Pop Art being made in Britain and America at the same time. His works borrow freely from numerous and widely varying sources, including advertising and popular culture, combining a range of different styles and subjects.

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